Sicilian seedless grapes hit the shelves 15 days ago and continue to enter new markets

“With 110 hectares of early grapes, almost all of which are seedless varieties, we are the first ones to appear on the global markets with a product of European cultivation,” said Angelo Brunetti of the farm Casa Grazia located in Gela (CL), Sicily, which has been committed to research the best top quality seedless grapes for over ten years.

Angelo (Gino) Brunetti

“We have decided to specialize our company with the aim of identifying those markets and customer segments that are not affected by the market trends or prices, but that are looking for an exclusive product. We are talking about the most prestigious destinations in the world, starting from the Middle East, with Doha in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE, and Scandinavia, not to mention the niche retailers in the rest of Europe. We also export to Canada and pretty much any other country where there is a demand for specialty grapes.”

“The extraordinary earliness of our grapes is due to the particular microclimate of the area where our cultivations are located. We are very close to the sea and close to Lake Biviere, a natural saltwater reservoir rich in biodiversity. In this area the mild winds and sea breeze meet the warm and dry air currents of the Sicilian hinterland, creating a very particular microclimate which is favorable for the cultivation of grapes for both consumption and must.”

“Our commercial window is usually between the Egyptian productions and those of the specialized areas of Southern Europe, which we are able to anticipate by a few weeks. Because this year the Egyptian harvests ended a little earlier and the Italian and Spanish ones were delayed, we took advantage of an exclusive market position for a much longer period of time than usual with a European product. In addition, our product is for a niche market, characterized by an extraordinary quality, and this year the brix degree was between 16-18°. Moreover, we have also obtained the food safety certification and we consider ourselves competent and attentive to every single detail”.

“The advantage of a highly specialized company like ours is that we rely on highly qualified personnel that we train in-house. Therefore, we have not suffered the consequences of the pandemic on our workforce. Before Covid, we had already planned further expansions of our facilities, and we had stocked up on the necessary materials, which protected us from the current shortage of raw materials and the consequent stratospheric rise in prices. We are confident that this will return shortly as the impact of the coronavirus is reduced”.

The company adheres to OP Opens, which was established in 2019 with the aim of strengthening, enhancing and focusing the production offer of its members. The Producers’ Organization was born with the intent to aggregate and promote the marketing mainly of grapes for consumption but also of fruit, citrus fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs, with the aim of an effective international marketing strategy. Despite its recent foundation, the producer association can rely on the experience of its members, which have been working in the fruit and vegetable sector for decades.

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Source: Fresh Plaza