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In this week’s recap of the Top 10 most popular Supermarket News articles, Senators grill Kroger, Albertsons CEOs on merger ranked as the week’s top story. In an hours-long questioning that became contentious at times, senators grilled the executives about the potential of the merger to result in higher prices for consumers and lost jobs for workers, the competition that the new company would face from alternative formats, and the combined buying power that the companies would have compared with smaller retailers, among other issues.. Among other stories in this week’s gallery:

  • US Foods names Dave Flitman as CEO;
  • DoorDash cuts 1,250 workers; and
  • Kroger Q3 same-store sales up 6.9% as consumers seek value.

In other news, How retailers are using automation platforms to increase labor retention, Instacart moves to streamline food bank donation, New Sheetz locations in Michigan to open in 2025.

Other top stories:

  • Dollar General cuts profit forecast amid supply chain snafus;
  • Union members speak out against Kroger-Albertsons merger; and
  • 5 things: Kroger catches Senate flak. And not just for the merger….

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