“Soaring stone fruit demand, thanks to good weather”

Van Dijk Foods Belgium in Brussels had stone fruit available in March already. However, the season has now gotten fully underway. “We’re always one of the firsts to start with the stone fruit. That’s of the Spanish Royal brand. But, the floodgates are currently open. Demand for peaches, nectarines, and apricots was already good. However, the past few days’ beautiful weather has increased that even more”, says Henk Vlaeminck.

“We can’t complain about supply either. We currently have sufficient good sizes and varieties available. The supply is comparable to last year. But, we’ve heard that the trees in certain Spanish regions have suffered frost damage. It’s difficult to say whether that will cause any problems. It’s hard to predict anything now, with the global pandemic. The vacation countries are opening their borders again. That will also affect the fruit demand somewhat.”

According to Henk, peach, nectarine, and apricot prices depend on their quality. “We always sell Royal stone fruit at a higher price than the lower quality fruit. Besides stone fruit, melons are also in high demand. At the moment, there’s a slight shortage of these. But we’re expecting more supply next week, to meet demand,” he concludes.

For more information:
Henk Vlaeminck
Van Dijk Foods Belgium
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2860, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, BE
Tel: +32 (0) 155 56 561
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Source: Fresh Plaza