Spanish avocado investments might directly affect Moroccan growers

Spanish Agrarian Association of Young Farmers ASAJA has announced plans to increase investments in avocado cultivation, as there has been a rise in demand from European consumers. Farms in Malaga and Granada are responsible for the majority of Spain’s avocado cultivation. However, the ASAJA intends to expand to Huelva, Cadiz, and Valencia for a combined 4,560 hectares of farmland. Globally, Spain’s avocado exports amount to $443.38 million.

However, the decision to expand avocado cultivation in Spain may have a direct impact on the Moroccan avocado market as Morocco is a leader in avocado exports to the EU.  Morocco ranked 10th in the world for total avocado export value.  In 2020, Morocco’s avocado export market to the EU amounted to $83.4 million. The top destinations for Moroccan avocados were Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Spain accounted for 60.2% of Morocco’s avocado exports in 2020, amounting to $50.27 million. Although Spain’s current share of avocado exports is ranked as fourth in the world, the move to ramp up distribution to the European market may have severe impacts on Moroccan farmers.

As reported on¸ Morocco has launched new agricultural initiatives to promote its status as an agricultural leader in Africa. In April 2021, Morocco signed a joint agreement with Israel’s Mehadrin to allow the foreign company to use Moroccan land for avocado cultivation. The partnership will invest MAD 80 million ($8.9 million) in the first three years.

Source: Fresh Plaza