Taiwan 2021 Presidential Hackathon gear up applications

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TORONTO, Canada – The 2021 Presidential Hackathon under the theme “Sustainability 2.0 Resilient Islands” is ready for participation, as it gear up applications to civic hackers around the world to submit and develop ideas for accelerating green recovery, fighting climate change, and for building transnational partnership to solve cross-border climate issues.

This year, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be conducted online and the application is open until August 4. The 2021 Presidential Hackathon welcomes your participation with your best ideas; please visit.

Launched in 2018 by the Taiwan Presidency as a domestic challenge, the Taiwan Presidency then expanded the initiative to include an international track in 2019 where participants from around the world were invited to propose open data solutions for delivering a better and more sustainable environment worldwide.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in interruptions of transport flow of people and goods and each country became aware of “resilience.” To resist systematical risks in the economy, society, and environment is more important than “efficiency,” which is what we used to pursue. Like other countries around the world, Taiwan also faces challenges of an aging population, extreme climate change, and the rapid emergence of AI and 5G technologies.

Hence, this year (2021), under the theme of “Sustainability 2.0 Resilient Islands,” you are invited to utilize Taiwan’s digital competitiveness from the perspective of national sustainable development through the private and public partnership to participate in this hackathon challenges in issues including “Human Capital,” “Circular Economy,” “Energy Transformation and Decarbonization,” “Sustainable Food, Agriculture, and Ecological Conservation,” “Smart Resilient Cities and Counties,” “Digital Transformation,” to discover solutions and to work hand in hand to build Taiwan into a resilient islands.

Important outlines

The 2021 Presidential Hackathon International Track is available here.

The 2021 Presidential Hackathon Handbook is available here.


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