Thanh Ha’s U Hong lychee arrives in Singapore

U Hong lychees, an early lychee variety sourced from Hai Duong Province’s Thanh Ha District, have hit the shelves in Singapore. The latter is a gateway to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.

Officially entering the Singaporean market in 2020, Vietnamese lychees have made a good mark there thanks to the superiority in quality and price. The price for Vietnamese “thieu” lychee in Singapore this year is higher than that of last year.

According to local importers, this year’s Vietnamese lychee will be sold in all 230 FairPrice supermarkets, greatly expanding the scale compared to 2020 when it was only sold at hypermarkets or large commercial centres run by FairPrice. From now until the end of the lychee season, Singapore will consume at least one 40 ft container each week. It is expected that the lychee export volume could reach up to 100 tons by the end of July 2021.

Every year, Singapore imports more than 2,000 tons of lychee from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Southern hemisphere countries, such as Australia, South Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius. As a country without agriculture, not growing litchi, Singapore still exports nearly 400 tons of litchi annually, both fresh and canned, or about 20% of the import volume. Fresh lychees are re-exported by Singapore mainly to Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines, while canned lychees being exported to dozens of markets, including ASEAN countries, South Asia (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan), Maldives, etc.



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Source: Fresh Plaza