The EU guarantees 141 million Posei funds for the Canarian banana until 2027

The president of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, stated in the plenary session of the regional Parliament that was held on May 25 that the Common Agricultural Policy 2021-2027 guaranteed Posei funds for the production of bananas on the islands, which means the sector will receive 141 million euro per year in aid. In addition, he added, the Ministry of Agriculture is willing to study the request of the banana sector that production costs not be linked to the Posei funds.

Torres made this statement in response to a question from the spokesman for the Agrupacion Socialista Gomera Parliamentary Group, Casimiro Curbelo, regarding the progress to bring the positions of the Canary Islands banana sector closer to the central government and, specifically, that the Food Quality law takes into account their demands.

Torres said that they were in permanent contact with the Ministry so that the law permits selling the Canarian banana below the cost of production at certain times.

They are also holding negotiations with the EU so that Brussels takes into account that the quality of Canarian bananas is objectively superior to imported bananas and that their production costs are also different.


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