“The markets are not reacting as we expected”

The harvest of the first brevas (the name given to the first figs of the season) has started this week in the Spanish province of Alicante, in the areas of Albatera and Elche, which account for most of Spain’s production intended for fresh consumption.

“The mild temperatures and the alternation of cloudy and rainy days this spring are making the harvest start slowly,” says Susi Bonet, sales manager at the Cambayas cooperative in Elche. “From the first week of June, we will begin to have more significant volumes, allowing us to meet the programs agreed with the supermarket chains,” she says.

Unlike last year, when the production was notably lower due to the impact of heavy rains on the fruit setting, this season the volumes are recovering. “We are happy with the quality of the product we are harvesting, which is also reaching good sizes,” says Susi Bonet.

Alicante’s figs have an interesting commercial window, as they arrive before their main competitor: Turkish figs. “At the moment, there is very little fruit available in the markets, so prices are high. However, the markets are not reacting as we expected, considering that there is hardly any supply at the moment. Still, I foresee a good season and I am hopeful that prices won’t drop.”

Cambayas is shipping its figs mainly to France, the Netherlands and the domestic market, working mainly with large retail chains. At the end of July it will start with the second fig harvest.


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Source: Fresh Plaza