The new potato from Andalusia reaches the markets superseding the conservation potato

Source: Fresh Plaza

Producers from Andalusia started to harvest the new early potato at the end of April, mainly in the province of Seville, but also in farms in Cordoba, Cadiz, and Huelva. These potatoes from Andalusia, together with those from Cartagena, are the first European potatoes to reach the market in significant volumes to take over the supply of conservation potatoes.

Currently, there are nearly 8,000 hectares of new potatoes cultivated in Andalusia, 3,500 hectares of which are in the province of Seville.

The strong frosts that have occurred throughout Europe in recent weeks are expected to affect the beginning of the potato harvests. Thus, the export period for Andalusian potatoes may be delayed for a few days, which will consequently prolong the 2021 season. Nearly 70% of the potato grown in Andalusia is destined for export. Germany stands out as its main buyer.

Promotion Campaign
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Association of Producing and Exporting Companies of Fruits and Vegetables of Andalusia (Asociafruit), has launched a campaign to promote the benefits of Andalusia’s new potato to encourage consumers to bet on this food. The product will be promoted via radio, press, social networks, and the internet.

The start of the promotion will coincide with the beginning of the harvest and it seeks to value the advantages of this product recently extracted from the field in comparison with other conservation potatoes. The new potato is characterized by its flavor, freshness, and has better gastronomic qualities than other potatoes.