The temporary workers from Honduras and Ecuador who participate in the pilot experience in Huelva will have 6-month contracts

Asaja-Huelva, which participated in the meeting of the Provincial Migration Commission last Tuesday, spoke about some of the conditions that the companies wishing to participate in the contracting of temporary workers pilot experience in Honduras and Ecuador will have to meet.

In this pilot experience, 250 people from each of these two American countries will arrive in the province of Huelva to work on the next strawberry campaign.

According to the agrarian organization, the administration will value the trajectory of the applicant companies, how much time they’ll need the workers, the campaign period, and the characteristics of the accommodations they have. The companies that are better valued in these aspects will have preference.

The company will have to employ the person hired for no less than six continuous months (22 workdays). The accommodations of the group from America will be separated from the rest of the nationalities and will also be divided by sex. They will be organized in groups of 6 to 10 people to optimize their accommodation and facilitate the group’s stay and adaptation.

Men and women from rural areas or with experience in the agricultural sector can apply for these jobs.

The travel costs are still unknown. Asaja-Huelva will continue to inform its associates about this process as more information about it becomes available.



Source: Fresh Plaza