Two hectares of experimental greenhouses to produce all year round

Fellini Patrizio managers Emile and Valentina Fellini report the news for 2021. A new washing water recycling plant is about to be activated, plus a photovoltaic plant will also be implemented and greenhouses for low-impact protected cultivation will also be set up.

“The work to set up 20 thousand square meters of greenhouses near our Gambettola (Forlì Cesena) facility will start soon. We want to start to produce locally in the winter months as well, and we will carry out a few tests in 2021 to see which products work best. Crop protection techniques will be used to reduce energy inputs, fertilizers and pest management to a minimum.”

Partial drawing for the first 20 thousand square meters of new greenhouses 

The new water recycling plant is also about to be activated. “Soon, we will be able to recycle up to 90% of the facility water, which can be reused as it is free from microbial loads and suspensions. Safeguarding the environment is our priority and this system goes in this direction.” 

The photovoltaic system will be enlarged to reach an overall power of 500kwh. “We will also set up car charging stations for our employees.” 

Valentina and Emile Fellini in front of the facility

The “Io Riciclo” packaging made mostly of recycled raw material continues to be used. “All formats are available to meet the needs of the Italian and European big retail chain.”

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