UK vegetable company salary would come to £62k-a-year to pick cabbage and broccoli

T.H. Clements and Son Ltd’s field operatives jobs are not seasonal; there’s work to be done all year round. They are now being advertised at £30-per-hour – which works out at £240-per-day or £1,200-per-week. The monthly pay for a full time job would come to £4,800 and an annual salary of £62,400-a-year.

It comes amid a shortage of fruit and veg pickers due to the Covid crisis and Brexit problems. These have halted migrant workers from being able to travel to the UK to work. Not enough Brits have applied for the roles across the country forcing the pay up because demand is so high.

T H Clements and Son Ltd, based in Boston, Lincs posted one job advert that read: “We are looking for Field Operatives to harvest our Cabbages. Excellent piecework rates with potential to earn up to £30 per hour and all year round work available.”

Robert Newbery, regional director of the National Farmers’ Union, said: “Brexit is certainly having an impact. The people that could move freely within Europe before now can’t.”


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