Walmart Tags Products that are ‘Better’ for Customers’ Health and the Planet’s

Walmart has launched “Built for Better,” an online platform that uses icons to help customers identify and shop for products that are healthier for people and better for the environment.

“We’re taking the guesswork out for our customers,” said Jane Ewing, SVP Sustainability for Walmart in a statement. “All they have to do is look on for products deemed ‘Built for Better’ to discover items that meet independent and authoritative standards for promoting personal well-being and reducing our impact on the environment.”

Walmart shoppers will find items aligned to two areas of focus: “Built for Better for You” will highlight more nutritious products that meet independent and authoritative standards recognizing products made with healthier ingredients. “Built for Better – For the Planet” will highlight products that are designed to help reduce   environmental impact, with a focus on sustainably sourced and climate-conscious products.  

Customers can learn more about the criteria and the organizations that help distinguish products in a methodology page on Walmart’s website.

“Customers have always trusted us for our low prices, but they also want to know that the products they buy are good for their families, the people who made them and the planet,” Ewing said. “For many of our customers, living better means shopping intentionally and prioritizing brands and products that align with the things that matter to them, whether it be healthy foods, clean living or sustainability.”

 The program is just one component of Walmart’s overall sustainability strategy and its commitment to become a regenerative company, including last year’s partnership with Cruise to launch all-electric self-driving delivery cars.