“We have over 20 different herbs in our assortment”

Mack and Gerstner offer over 20 different types of herbs: “We have herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary, savory, majoram, oregano, bay leaves and many more in our assortment. In winter we also have mugwort and lemon leaves. We offer packaged or bagged herb mixes of 80-100g throughout the year. We offer coarsely bound coriander and mint in 1kg quantities,” says Ismail Altun, who is, among other things, responsible for purchasing herbs.

Ismail Altun from Mack and Gerstner

Altun also mentions that his company works with Böttcher Gemüsebau and Gärtnerei Kellner. “We get very different requests coming in. With the Kiemle nursery, I’m currently doing salad herb mixes for the Hört company. Otherwise, we still offer green sauce, which is made of different herbs,” Altun says. “Our customers primarily include catering businesses, although we also have a lot of walk-in customers. Food retailers are mainly supplied directly by the Böttcher company.”


“We currently offer packaged herb mixtures for 1.75 Euro, salad herbs in turn between 2.00 and 2.50 Euro. Dill and savory from the field are available for 3.00 Euro. Parsley bunches of different varieties cost 3 Euro in loose bundles of 5.”

Packaged cress

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