“We hope to bring South African Clemen Gold to an even larger number of Chinese consumers”

The Clemen Gold brand began 16 years ago and is now one of the most popular mandarins in more than 30 countries. The Clemen Gold shines on the shelves of supermarkets across the globe. Their annual sales volume in the Chinese market expands every year. Guangzhou Qinguo Import and Export Trade imports Clemen Gold for the Chinese market. Their purchase manager for South Africa, Lily, recently introduced the unique characteristics of Clemen Gold and talked about the strategic cooperation between Qinguo Import and Export Trade and the South African Clemen Gold company.

Lily first shared how the Clemen Gold trade fair came to be. “The Clemen Gold mandarin is a Nadorcott variety that was developed and cultivated by the South African Clemen citrus fruit company. This mandarin variety has significant commercial value and huge market potential. The Clemen Gold received praise and great support from farmers and gourmands alike. Guangzhou Qinguo Import and Export Trade is one of the licensed retailers of Clemen Gold in China. We originally planned to organize a Clemen Gold trade fair in Jiangnan City in the middle of July. We would have introduced this excellent mandarin variety to the public and strengthened the efficacy of the Clemen Gold brand in the Chinese market,” said Lily, “but Covid-19 restrictions forced us to slightly delay the event.”

“The Clemen Gold Nadorcott mandarin is a sweet and fragrant, soft mandarin variety. The Clemen Gold mandarins are grown and harvested in warm and sunny South Africa. One of the great selling points of this honey mandarin variety is its lack of seeds. Among the honey mandarins in the market, nearly 95% is seedless. That is one of their most striking characteristics. In addition, Clemen Gold mandarins are rich in nutrients. And they are delicious, juicy, and fragrant. That is why the Clemen Gold is known as the ‘king of mandarins’.”

There are many mandarin brands. When asked about their choice for cooperation with Clemen Gold, Lily replied: “Although their Nadorcott mandarins already represent great commercial value and market potential, the Clemen Gold company takes an extra step to guarantee the quality of their products. They adhere to strict regulations: only naturally ripened fruit is harvested. The fruit peel has to be uniform in color and the sweetness must be extremely high (12% or higher). And finally, both sweet and sour flavors should be well balanced. Only then are the mandarins packaged under the Clemen Gold brand. This is how the Clemen Gold company guarantees product quality and protects the brand reputation and that is also why we selected Clemen Gold as our strategic partner.”

“Second, we believe that the extensive retail channels of Qinguo Import and Export Trade can help the Clemen Gold brand reach even greater potential.” Lily continued, “Qingguo provides retail services in more than ten provinces and major cities, including Guangdong and Shanghai. Our company also has stands in major wholesale markets. And we work closely together with shops and supermarkets in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dalian, Wuhan, Xi’an, and Xinjiang.

“Finally, we have refrigerated warehouses and processing factories. We believe that the combination of our diverse retail channels and the beautiful Clemen Gold mandarin products will receive the support and affection of Chinese consumers.”

Guangzhou Qinguo Import and Export Trade was established in 2011. The company mainly manages wholesale fruit import and export. Qinguo Import and Export Trade imports fresh fruit from South Africa, Peru, Chile, Australia, the USA, Israel, Spain, and Egypt. Guangzhou Qinguo Import and Export Trade will participate in the Shanghai International Fruit Expo between the 12th and 14th of August. “Only a limited number of producers and suppliers will participate in the expo this year as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but we still hope to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase our company. We are not just an import company, we also supply top-quality domestic fruit. We hope to meet many domestic colleagues at the expo.”

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