“We now ship our fresh and fragile products by plane”

Distrimex, a French company specialized in the Import-Export of fresh fruit and vegetables, now uses air transport to ship its fresh and fragile products. “It is a new service which we are very pleased to offer to our clients. Thanks to this novelty, since the middle of the year, we have set up a weekly delivery of red fruits to Jordan. These products are sold in one of the country’s main supermarket chains,” explains Nathalie Casal, manager of the company.

“This new activity is added to our offer of maritime shipments and allows us to meet all the needs of our clients in terms of freshness, availability and speed of delivery. We are now able to ship all types of products while ensuring their quality and freshness thanks to an adequate means of transport. This way, we continue to use the maritime route for heavy and robust products, and we keep air shipments for light and fragile products.”

Nathalie Casal, manager of Distrimex and Badr El Saidi in charge of air transport

About Distrimex
Distrimex is a family business specialized in the import-export of fresh products. It was founded in 1975 by Hubert Casal and it now distributes 50,000 tons of products per year throughout the world. Over time, Distrimex has specialized in large export and has a branch in Chile and South Africa. The company’s revenue can be described  as follows: 50% in large export, 40% on the European market and 10% on the French market.

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Source: Fresh Plaza