Adding value to citrus sector

Although yearly citrus yield in Eritrea are quite good, post-harvest management of products is not efficient enough. As a result a significant amount is lost during the post-harvest and marketing period. One of the ways to mitigate this problem is value addition to the products, and the MoA is working in collaboration with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization on value addition of citrus.

The plantation of citrus fruits was introduced to Eritrea at the beginning of the 20th century with the plantation of rotondo and ovale orange varieties at small farms around Filfil, Elabered and the Durfo valley near Asmara. Subsequently other varieties were imported from Italy and planted in areas like Elabered and Mai Ayni.

The value addition on citrus is being conducted in Southern and Northern Red Sea regions, especially in Alla, Dekemhare, Mai-Aini, Ghindae and Beareza, areas where citrus fruits grow in abundance. The project mainly aims at giving training, which includes both theoretical and practical sessions, to the growers focusing on citrus product development.


Source: Fresh Plaza