Avocados from Mexico inspires endless possibilities for foodservice partners with ‘Global Guac’

The Forager’s Guacamole is featured in Avocados From Mexico’s Global Guac, a new recipe and education platform that maximizes the power of fresh avocados.

DALLAS, USA – Avocados From Mexico (AFM), the No. 1 selling avocado brand, is inviting foodservice operators everywhere to take flight and travel the world through flavor with its new Global Guac program. Featuring 12 innovative recipes that unlock a world of menu possibilities, as well as premier education around avocado service techniques, Global Guac provides foodservice partners with a free resource to put the value of fresh guacamole to work on any and every menu.

Insights from research that investigates patron affinity to fresh avocado versus processed suggest that 77 percent of patrons prefer the taste of fresh avocados compared to processed options and are willing to spend up to $2 to add fresh avocado to their dishes. With recipes that feature avocado dishes beyond classic guacamole, Global Guac allows foodservice operators to leverage the undeniable power of fresh through creative, cost-efficient and high-impact methods – and develop revenue-driving menu items year-round.

Avocados From Mexico developed the recipes with trending global cuisines at the forefront, resulting in inventive dishes inspired by flavors from locations such as the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Africa, and, of course, Mexico, the birthplace of guacamole. Proving the versatility of avocados, these recipes are meant to help foodservice operators incorporate fresh avocado into their menus, no matter the cuisine.

“We know that patrons crave fresh flavor and, now more than ever, are curious about expanding their taste profiles to incorporate ingredients with which they may not be as familiar,” said David Spirito, senior director of culinary and foodservice at Avocados From Mexico. “The recipes we’re sharing with Global Guac provide endless possibilities to combine flavors we’re seeing trend around the world with the guaranteed freshness of Avocados From Mexico.”

Foodservice industry members who utilize Global Guac will find recipes such as sweet-and-spicy Jerk Guacamole Chicken Wings, inspired by flavors of the Caribbean; an Avo-Potato Samosa Platter that complements Indian cuisine with Curried Ranch Avocado Guacamole and Avo-Mango Chutney; and a Spicy Korean Guacamole that layers in tangy and savory flavors of the Asian Pacific, among many others. From appetizers to premium new handhelds and fresh center-of-plate builds, Global Guac utilizes ingredients foodservice operators likely have on hand and features techniques that help maximize the life of value-adding, versatile and always-available Avocados From Mexico.

As an industry leader and trusted partner in the foodservice sector, Avocados From Mexico is providing Global Guac as a free resource for foodservice partners looking to capitalize on market demand of fresh avocados. It is the latest innovation in AFM’s commitment to trade education and includes instructional videos of valuable back-of-house tips and techniques to save time, streamline foodservice prep, and get the most out of every avocado.

Source: caribbeannewsglobal.com