Biodynamic agriculture is not esoteric

Biodynamics is a hotly debated topic. Some consider it a form of organic farming, while others see it as a mixture of agriculture and the arcane. A few years ago, the Italian Canova proposed the Verdèa biodynamic certificate, which proves to be a sign that actions are being taken.

Paolo Pari

The director of the Italian company Almaverde Bio, agronomist Paolo Pari, explained that “Organic farming is in my DNA and I consider it a method of safeguarding plants against diseases, but also a certified production system that takes into account all those factors that contribute to obtaining a harvest. Biodynamic agriculture is a segment of the biological sector that focuses on an all-round vision, where the soil and its fruitfulness are at the heart of the process.” 

If the soil is good, so are the plants. “The soil and its fertility form a microbiota of sorts, and the agricultural microbiota must be in a perfect state of fertility, rich in micro-elements and microorganisms that are useful for the health of the plants that live there.”

What counts above all are the results, the concrete facts and not the ephemerality of words. “The president of Canova, Massimo Biondi, grows pears according to biodynamic methods. The plants are very vigorous, they grow well, and the pears are sweet and aromatic. There are no attacks of pathogens, except within the limits that can be controlled with biological techniques. The biodynamic soil makes the plants more resistant to diseases, healthier and more robust. It’s all about getting an excellent harvest, both qualitatively and quantitatively.”

Recently, Senator Cattaneo, alongside with others, has raised concerns about the draft law that combines organic farming and biodynamic agriculture, defining biodynamic as an esoteric practice, without any realistic connection with science. Pari replied that “The esoteric practices mentioned by Senator Cattaneo are not foreseen or even mentioned in the biodynamic specifications. Saying that biodynamic farming is esoteric and without any scientific evidence is reductive and does not take into account the facts.

The Verdèa biodynamic production standard, if properly applied, produces basically the same results with every grower. It is therefore not a random event. Biodynamic farms use biodynamic preparations, which are nothing more than activators of the vitality of the soil. They are prepared with well-defined procedures”.

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