Box filler, and tipper in one!

Storing 50.000 tons in 3 weeks… and then everything in boxes too. Then a capacity of 100 tons per hour is the starting point for the box filler. A challenge for our engineers, which ultimately led to a great product for an international potato processor.

The principle of our automatic box filler and box tipper has been tried and tested for years and has proven to be very effective. A combination of these machines is new on the market. By also equipping the box filler with a box tipper, a multifunctional machine has now been created, which means that the machine can be used all year round within the company.

To meet the requested capacity of the customer, no fewer than 3 receiving stations have been built, each equipped with 3 fully automatic box fillers and tippers. This machine unstacks empty boxes, fills them in a product-friendly manner, weighs and stacks them 2 high on top of each other. The boxes are then moved into storage with a forklift. In this way, the required capacity is achieved with minimal forklift use!

With the Tolsma Track & Trace system, all these boxes are clearly registered with filling, so that it is known where and how much of a certain batch is stored in the storage.

After the storage period, the combination machine is used again as a box tipper. In exactly the same way as for filling, full boxes are put 2 high on each other in the machine, automatically unstacked, weighed and then emptied by means of a tipper and stacked empty to 3 high. The tipper is equipped with a lid and a flap to minimize fall heights.

With this new combination machine, we are also responding to the increase in scale in the cultivation of agricultural products, which is certainly taking place in other parts of the world. By combining several functions in one machine, the combination machine can be used more often, thus keeping costs under control. Another cost-saving aspect is the fact that the transport movements of forklift trucks are minimised by the automatic stacking, unstacking and buffering of boxes.

A unique feature of this machine is that it is entirely electrically driven, which is a huge advantage over hydraulic drives in terms of food safety. This makes the machine unique in the market.

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Source: Fresh Plaza