Cambodia exported 200,000+ tons of bananas in five months

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, from January to May 2021, Cambodia shipped some 205,024 tons of Cavendish bananas to foreign markets. China is the biggest market for Cambodia’s fresh bananas by importing nearly 180,000 tons, followed by Vietnam (25,113 tons), Singapore (480 tons) and Japan (333 tons).

The banana is a Cambodian key agro product exported to international markets together with rice, rubber, cassava, cashew nut, corn, pepper, bean, mango and miscellaneous vegetables. In 2020, the country exported over 300,000 tons of fresh banana, generating some US$450 million.

Shipments of the bananas have seen a substantial increase since China acknowledged that they hold up to its phytosanitary standards. As orders from China pile up, more companies expand their cultivation areas.


Source: Fresh Plaza