Chinese e-commerce fresh produce market exceeding 360 billion

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the fresh fruit industry, more and more premium fruits are now available to Chinese consumers, and requirements for fruit quality continue to grow.

On July 15, Bayer Crop Science and announced the signing of strategic cooperation in Beijing, aiming to empower the fruit value chain through high-quality fruit production and marketing services, and build a win-win model for e-commerce sellers, growers, and consumers, to better meet the market’s emerging consumer demand for high-quality fruits, health, and environmental protection.

On July 15th, Bayer CropScience and held a signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation in Beijing Data show that the scale of China’s fresh food e-commerce market has exceeded 360 billion yuan in 2020, and this business model is gradually diversified. The number of average daily active users has reached more than 8 million, and it is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan in 2021. With the development of cold chain logistics, the rise of a new retail e-commerce model, and the change in thinking of the younger generations in terms of buying produce online, the scale of the market is expected to exceed one trillion yuan in five years. Bayer Crop Science is one of Bayer’s three major business units, with sales of 18.840 billion euros in 2020. Relying on its core competitiveness of innovation, sustainability, and digitalization in the agricultural field, it provides growers with innovative, efficient, and environmentally-friendly integrated solutions to provide consumers with green, healthy, and high-quality agricultural products.

Benlai is a business group operating across the whole fresh produce industry chain. As a high-quality fresh food DTC e-commerce platform, its subsidiary markets over 17,000 products and serves over 36 million high-quality members in China. It has over 200 buyers worldwide and is able to cover 31 provincial-level regions with its direct fresh cold chain distribution and room temperature distribution networks.

The number of Benlaixian community new retail produce stores has exceeded 800. Through this strategic cooperation, Bayer Crop Science and will carry out collaborations in planting, demonstration orchards, branding, and marketing. Bayer Crop Science will provide plant protection solutions and technical guidance to cooperatives working with Benlai, and supply high-quality fruits to from its demonstration orchard. Benlai will source directly from the demonstration orchard at a good price, and market these high-quality products in the Bayer & Special Section on


Source: Fresh Plaza