Fedefruta re-elects Jorge Valenzuela to preside over the union

After the recent internal elections, which were pending a year ago due to the covid-19 pandemic, the annual assembly of members of the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile once again elected Jorge Valenzuela as president of the fruit union, who has already presided since 2018.

Through Fedefruta, in his speech of appreciation, Valenzuela affirmed that “we are working to give our position to the constituents regarding issues such as water, food security, the environment and rurality.”

“Concern about the water crisis and the lack of clarity to advance in this matter, has been somewhat invisible by everything that has happened this season,” he added, referring to the emergency due to the fake news crises in China that cherry exports, having led the sector during the agricultural catastrophe of the rains that compromised the table grape and stone fruit crops, and recently, having raised the problem with figures due to the lack of workers to work in the orchards and fruit facilities, through a survey and meetings with authorities. However, it is the most pressing issue for the season which ends in a few more months.”

Source: blueberriesconsulting.com

Photo source: Fedefruta

Source: Fresh Plaza