Coexphal-Aproa denounces the terrible situation of Almeria melon and watermelon in European markets

The Board of Directors of Coexphal-Aproa met yesterday to study the future of the spring season and to analyze the low prices registered by the main fruits produced by Almeria greenhouses. Melon and watermelon prices have had strong falls for weeks that don’t correspond to the excellent quality, freshness, and flavor that these productions currently have.

The Board of Directors of Coexphal-Aproa expressed its outrage at this situation and, once again, make it clear that, “as we’ve already stated, the Law for the Improvement of the Food Chain does not solve the marketing problems there are and it places the Spanish producer at a competitive disadvantage with respect to third-country producers, such as Morocco, which have very low production costs.” In addition, while the price at origin has plummeted, retail prices in supermarkets remain high. The current legal text does not comply at all with the primary objective it should have, protecting the weakest link in the chain, the farmer and his producer-marketing company.

In fact, at this stage of the campaign, the handling and preparation warehouses are full of high-quality melons and watermelons that can’t be marketed in Europe; however, European markets (including Spanish markets) are full of Moroccan products.

Generalized drop for all products
This irregular scenario has been taking place throughout the 2020-2021 campaign, including spring, for the different fruit and vegetable products that are grown in Almeria’s greenhouses. Two months ago the prices of most products fell and they have not improved since then.

On Friday, May 28, Coexphal-Aproa will withdraw their melon and watermelon to protest this situation and to make public the abandonment and defenselessness to which the Government is subjecting horticulture.

Coexphal-Aproa will carry out two symbolic actions. The first will take place at 10:00 am in the Levante area at Albaida Residuos SL in Níjar, located in Paraje Jabonero, S/N Bajo (NÍJAR):

The second one will take place at 11:30 am in the West of Almeria, at the Albaida Residuos SL plant in La Mojonera, located in Paraje del Algarrobo, Ctra. La Mojonera Exit, Highway 420. (LA MOJONERA):

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Source: Fresh Plaza