DelFrescoPure generates power for solid-state lighting, heat and nutrients

DelFrescoPure has announced the expansion of its cogeneration system, also called a combined heat and power (VHP) system, that allows the grower located in Kingsville, Ontario, to generate electricity to power its horticultural solid-state lighting (SSL) in a controlled environment agriculture application.

The CHP system produces heat and CO2 as by-products, that the grower uses to heat greenhouses and fertilize plants. The combined efficiency of the systems makes it a money saver for the grower and reduces the environmental impact.

Canadian-based DelFrescoPure capitalizes on a recently expanded cogeneration system that produces heat and carbon dioxide which can be utilized in the greenhouse environment / Image: DelFrescoPure.

DelFrescoPure supplies tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, eggplants, and strawberries to the local market year round. The grower is adding 25 acres of space to its facility and will expand the VHP systems from 6.5 MW to more than 10 MW. The grower will work with Martin Energy of Tipton, MO on the project — a company that specializes in distributed power generation technology. quoted Carl Mastronardi, president of DelFrescoPure as saying: “DelFrescoPure is excited to increase our cogeneration power units. We are very pleased to be working with Martin Energy again to install the new CHP technology and solutions they offer. The results from using the cogeneration technology over the past three years have been great. We look forward to expanding the system so we can continue to provide fresh produce all year long.”

Source: Fresh Plaza