Erudus extends reach on educational campuses in new partnership with Dill

Food product data pool Erudus has welcomed real time food ordering platform Dill to its roster of Integration Partners, in a move that will extend the reach of accurate nutritional and allergen information for thousands of products across the educational sector. 

Specially designed for education campuses, Dill streamlines catering operations, cuts queues, anticipates demand and consequently reduces food waste. Together with Erudus, the company shares a focus in making the lives of its partners and customers easier in all aspects of their business.

With childhood allergies on the rise and nutrition for young people a hotter topic than ever, the Dill Erudus integration is a timely one, and Dill plan to utilise Erudus solutions such as the Recipe Builder to add value to the data accessed via the Erudus Public API. 

The accuracy of Erudus’s data, input directly by the manufacturer, is a big draw for Dill, who is keen to ensure that all products managed by its clients are always up-to-date and all labels contain accurate information at all times.

Alex Coldea, CEO of Dill, says: “The food ordering industry is becoming increasingly complex, with safety and data accuracy being at the centre of it. It is more important than ever to ensure customers are receiving clear and detailed information regarding the products they consume. In the education sector, this plays a vital role in encouraging pupils and students to always be mindful of the ingredients present in the products they purchase, especially when it comes to allergens. By collaborating with Erudus, we are able to get information that comes directly from the suppliers, providing a high level of accuracy for our clients. Erudus is the market leader in providing accurate allergy and nutritional information and we are very excited to begin this partnership. We believe this is going to be an essential part of our mission to streamline catering operations and minimise the chance for errors in the supply chain.”

Erudus COO Jon Shayler says: “I’m delighted to welcome Dill into the Erudus fold. Partnerships such as this allow us to push food product data even further across the industry – in Dill’s case they’re doing excellent work in the education sector, and I look forward to seeing our mutual customers reap the benefits of this partnership. Dill share our commitment to providing a single source of truth across the food industry, and exploring options with such companies allows us to reach more people and make running their business easier and more efficient.”

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