Growing demand for produce shelf life extension

As the demand for shelf life-extending products for fresh produce continues to grow, companies that specialize in those technologies are continuing to roll out new products for products sold in supermarkets.

Scott Bergeron, business development manager for NatureSeal Inc, said: “For grocery retailers, reducing food waste while providing the highest quality products is paramount. NatureSeal not only reduces waste at the store level — customers notice and appreciate the added shelf life in their refrigerators.”

Two retail grocery fresh produce products that have benefited most recently from shelf life-extending solutions are sliced bananas and guacamole.

NatureSeal can prevent sliced bananas from browning for up to 10 days. NatureSeal has also recently developed a novel product to extend the color and fresh taste of guacamole, even when removed from its packaging. The early success in finding shelf life-extending solutions for sliced apples propelled NatureSeal into other product categories. Next up were items like party trays with carrots, celery, and radishes, followed by fruit trays with pears and stone fruit.

“Options for the customer became the driving force, and regional items began to flourish, like sliced avocado or green peanuts,” Bergeron said.

NatureSeal products now help maintain the taste, texture, and color of over 30 fresh-cut produce items, including new products for berries, cut potatoes and avocados, in addition to the new banana and guacamole products.


Source: Fresh Plaza