Murgiverde and Agroiris negotiate their merger

Source: Fresh Plaza

The Almeria-based agri-food companies Murgiverde and Agroiris have initiated contacts to reach an integration agreement. Together, the two companies would have an aggregate production of 400 million kilos of fruit and vegetables, as well as 12 work centers. Also, the number of members would exceed one thousand, since Sociedad Agraria de Transformación Agroiris has 718 members and Murgiverde has another 500 grouped by families, bringing the total to over 1,600.

Juan Antonio Díaz Planelles, manager of Agroiris, said to La Voz de Almeria that “contacts are still in a preliminary stage. We are gathering ideas on how to take this step which, I think, would be beneficial for both companies.” For his part, the president of Murgiverde, Antonio Sánchez Baños, said that “we are two very similar companies in terms of volume, and with complementary crops, so the step could be beneficial and we will take the step if the partners approve it.”

The next step in this merger operation is to agree on an operating plan, which will be presented jointly to the two governing boards and then submitted for the consideration of the members at separate meetings in June.