Norwegian ’tomato capital’ to push for carbon neutral production

The town of Finnoy is known by Norwegians as the country’s ‘tomato producing capital’. One company, Lauvsnes Gartneri, is yielding up to 4 million tomatoes each year. Recently, the town has decided to merge its penchant for tomato production with a push for a more sustainable agricultural future.

To that end, specifically to reduce its carbon footprint, Lauvsnes Gartneri has installed new climate technology inside its greenhouses. Owner Jan Terje Vigness said: “Creating the best possible experience for our tomato-loving customers entails being at the forefront of new technology and societal trends. The future is climate neutral, which means that tomatoes must also contribute by putting new climate technology to good use in our greenhouses.”

According to¸ Lauvsnes Gartneri will collaborate with tech company GreenCap Solutions to implement climate neutrality measures. Via a large-scale carbon dioxide removal solution, GreenCap is able to sustainably increase food production in greenhouses by monitoring temperature, humidity and CO2 level.

Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology is also becoming a prominent method of large-scale CO2 reduction. The company will also be using this process to capture CO2 from the air and store it before releasing the correct concentration into the growth zone inside the greenhouse. Upon its 2022 completion date, the production at Lauvsnes Gartneri will be 100% carbon neutral.

Source: Fresh Plaza