Robotics vs. labor shortages

Source: Fresh Plaza

Finding suitable employees is a challenge that today more than ever vexes company owners and personnel planners. Still, robotics on its own will never be the solution. After all, robots need tools just like humans do. With humans, it’s all about ‘hands and eyes’. With robots, gripper and camera systems must replace the hands and eyes, in order to control the process.

This is exactly the starting point of AKON Robotics. To develop suitable robot systems through the use of gripper systems and camera systems and thus offer them to the market. This goes for small businesses, as well as for large companies. “We have 30 years of experience just in designing and manufacturing gripper systems for use with robotics. Furthermore, we have the know-how to transform this technology into safe and effective automation technology,” the company says.

Gripper system replaces human hands
The Bremen-based company has conducted many tests, especially in recent weeks and months, to further optimize the synergy of robots and gripper systems for numerous automation processes that were otherwise only performed by humans. “This has produced amazing results that make entrepreneurs look at the shortage of employees from a different perspective,” they add.

Flexible grippers adapt to the product
An important component when handling natural products in direct line or packaged products is a flexible gripper system. This must adapt to the situation and the product as optimally as possible. “In the meantime, we are also able to successfully pack up to 2kg carrot bags with a special gripper system.”

Rethinking old manufacturing processes
By making small changes in the sequence, it would be possible to automate manufacturing steps and processes appropriately, through robotics. The previous video shows how AKON Robotics made packing apple food containers possible for automation technology by tilting the carton. Closing and gluing the cartons thus becomes necessary in the subsequent manufacturing step.

Extended functionality of the robot systems
The functionality of gripper systems can be extended by using additional sensor or camera technology. There is also the possibility of making the pre-positioning of products more flexible. However, additional camera technology generates significantly higher costs.

Through the additional use of sensor technology with a corresponding evaluation unit, a task could finally be solved by a robot that was otherwise only assigned to a human. On further consideration, an optimal cost-benefit ratio also comes into play here. “The robot, unlike the human, is able to work continuously through. Humans may be faster in a snapshot, but they are not able to maintain that speed and accuracy for eight or more hours.”

Swapping robots for humans will free up a workforce that can then be deployed to other areas of production where robotics cannot yet support the business optimally. “We hope to give entrepreneurs food for thought with our solutions that already today, with our technology, the employee shortage can be counteracted.”

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