Sicilian vegetables available on all European market segments

Source: Fresh Plaza

The Libretti group now includes three brands. Giuseppe Libretti illustrates what is new for the company, founded in Vittoria (RG) over 60 years ago and still a point of reference for the sector.  

Giuseppe Libretti

“Linea Convenzionale, i.e. the brand dedicated to produce cultivated using integrated control techniques, remains our leading one. In line with our corporate philosophy, which sees high quality as a priority, this line represents the history of our work. We started supplying La Rinascente, now Auchan, with it in 1975. Now, with the same spirit, we continue to supply the leading domestic supermarket chains. We have almost reached the zero residue standard.” 

Premium cherry tomatoes 

But Libretti is much more – over the years, it has stood out on the market thanks to the farsightedness of its general manager, who focused on high flavor.  


“A meticulous search for varieties that has lasted years enabled us in 2020 to introduce a Premium range boasting a series of products sought after by big retail chains and recognized by final consumers. Nowadays, our products can be found on the shelves dedicated to high-flavor products in the best stores. Specifically, I am talking about cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes (bunch, single and colored mix), Camone®, ribbed and beefsteak tomatoes, to which we must add Sweet Palermo® bell peppers. These tasty products make a real difference in their segment of reference.”

In 2021, Gruppo Libretti introduced its third brand, the organic line part of the Green New Deal and complying with the EU directive for the conversion of productions towards a higher sustainability. 

By converting a considerable amount of crops, Gruppo Libretti once again proved to be a leading company within the European production scene.

“In addition to keeping up with the times, our organic range aims at intercepting a growing share of the market . Our leading products part of this brand are: sauce round tomatoes, plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mini-plum tomatoes, round eggplants, zucchini, 1/2 oblong bell peppers and cucumbers.”

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