Sunup, new melon variety hits the shelves

BASF has created a new type of melon called Sunup. The external color of its skin is golden, and the internal flesh color is orange making it a unique proposition. The fruit itself is firm and juicy with a sweet taste as it has a high Brix value. It closely resembles a cantaloupe melon from which it inherited its netting and sutures.

“Its external color makes it more attractive to consumers,” explains Enrique Ballester, BASF’s Melon Account Manager. He adds, “thanks to its ripeness indicator (it turns from green to golden when it reaches its optimum harvesting point) it will never disappoint in terms of flavor guaranteeing repeat purchases.” Sunup stands out further as it has good post-harvest properties by staying fresh for a longer time, making it a great ally against food waste on our supermarket shelves.

BASF has varieties that can be grown in Senegal, Morocco, Spain, Brazil, and Honduras, ensuring a continuous supply all year round.

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Source: Fresh Plaza