SupaFresh and Peruvian Avocado Growers Association launches promotion campaign

Recently, the opening ceremony of a 2021 Peruvian avocado promotion campaign with the theme “NEW Fruit! NEW Life!” took place in the Shanghai Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market. This lively event was co-sponsored by Shanghai SupaFresh Trading and the Peruvian Avocado Growers Association.

With the improvement of living standards, more and more Chinese consumers are willing to pay the bills for their health. Healthy foods are becoming increasingly popular and avocado, as one of these superfoods, has become a staple in the fashionable and healthy lifestyles of urban dwellers.

Avocado is one of the imported fruits with the greatest potential and fastest growth in consumption in the Chinese market in recent years. Although it has started to be planted in Yunnan in recent years, the Chinese avocado market is still dependent on imports. On the one hand, the limited local production is not enough to meet market demand. On the other hand, local avocados still lack competitiveness in terms of dry matter, oil content, and taste. At present, the Chinese market is dominated by products from Peru, Chile, and Mexico. Among these countries, Peru has become the main supplier from April to August thanks to its stable production period and quality.

The Avocado Producers Association is committed to exploring business opportunities and providing support on production technical issues and scientific research to improve the high-quality production, packaging, and commercialization of Hass avocados. The Association represents about 80% of Peru’s avocado planted area, including small, medium, and large producers.

At the beginning of the event, two dancers performed an exotic Peruvian dance.

The deputy general manager of Shanghai Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market, Linlin Tao, praised SupaFresh’s efforts in promoting ready-to-eat avocados and guiding consumers. Through SupaFresh, more consumers got to know, understand, and finally fell in love with avocados.

Xu Jingbin, general manager of Shanghai Jiaguo Food Co., Ltd. said that SupaFresh, as an early importer of large volumes in China, started by marketing avocados in the wholesale markets and later built warehouses and ripening warehouses in various regions across China to focus on ready-to-eat avocados and provide Chinese consumers with ready-to-eat avocados throughout the year. Their contributions have won widespread recognition from the industry.

In recent years, with the improvement of growing technologies and expansion of the planted area of the Peruvian industry, the supply period in the Chinese market has been continuously extended, and the quality has also been significantly improved. Peru has become a key supplier in China and has gained recognition and appreciation among Chinese consumers.

Source: Shanghai International Fruit Fair

Source: Fresh Plaza