The first Spanish new potatoes from Murcia and Andalusia reach the markets

Starting today, Patatas Melendez, Valladolid’s leading company in the fresh potato sector, is offering fresh national potatoes in all supermarkets and through its company’s website online store.

The first new potatoes that now reach the distribution chains come from Murcia and Andalusia. Starting July, the origin of the product will be from Castile and Leon.

“Starting May, consumers will be able to purchase quality Spanish potatoes, benefitting the agricultural fabric of the different areas of Spain,” Patatas Melendez stated.

“We work with more than 500 farmers throughout Spain following an Agrarian Plan that allows us to detect the needs of the market and our adapt production, maintain marketing agreements, ensuring farmers sell their products, providing them with stability. In addition, they also receive advice to add value to the productions,” the company stated.

This work plan and Patatas Melendez’s logistics allow consumers to enjoy a new potato that has been harvested just 24 hours before reaching their table. “It also provides greater traceability and guarantees the products’ origin as it hasn’t been subjected to any type of storage,” they added.

In addition to being distributed in the national market, the company’s potatoes will be exported to other countries, such as France and Belgium, and to new export destinations, such as the Czech Republic.

“Starting today, we’ll offer in the main distribution chains the Soprano, Colomba, Sunita, Agria, Jazzy, and Frisia potato varieties, which are adapted to culinary uses in accordance with new consumption habits, and which provide greater added value to the farmers. We offer consumers a potato for each culinary use, which optimizes the flavor of each one of them so they can enjoy each recipe to the fullest,” Patatas Melendez stated.

“In addition, the new potato is a source of vitamins and minerals so it is consistent with having a healthy lifestyle, as currently demanded by consumers. It has light, very fine, and smooth skin. They are compact and smooth, smaller in size, and have a light and uniform color inside. It is a potato especially suitable for cooking, steaming, and frying. Thus, it is ideal for preparing the following dishes: potato omelet, French fries, Russian salad, or any recipe that includes steaming potatoes,” they stated.


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Source: Fresh Plaza