“The kiwi berry is the new fruit trend”

“Fruit hunter” Mehmet A. Bozkurt can look back overall on a partly good, partly mixed season. “The raspberry season has just started and we supply all of Germany, but the Netherlands and Italy as well.”

The raspberry season is in full swing at “Fruchtjäger.” / Photo: Mehmet Bozkurt

Kiwi berries from Germany
What’s most interesting is what Bozkurt has to say about the newest crop: “Kiwi berries are very stable berries. As the name suggests, they taste similar to kiwis, but have no skin fiber and look similar to gooseberries. We grow these on about six hectares. We planted them three years ago and can start harvesting them in September. You can definitely call the kiwi berry a new fruit trend.”

Fluctuating strawberry season
There was one downer, again, regarding his strawberry crop this year: “The strawberry season started well, but when we had 35-38 degrees about three weeks ago, the produce suffered. And then suddenly everyone offered strawberries at once, which is why the prices went down. Normally we are at 4 euros for a kilo, but then we sold the fruit for 1-1.20 euros per kilo. In the meantime, however, we have returned to a price of 2-4 euros per kilo.”

The quality of the strawberries, which he grows under a foil house and by means of a roof system, was again good. “Three weeks ago we had excess quantities. But we definitely had enough buyers, so demand has been high.”

Mehmet Bozkurt visits the farm manager from Hof Schulze Blasum. Photo: Mehmet Bozkurt

Blueberries from the Lüneburg Heath
The blueberry season began at his farm the weekend before last and will continue for about four weeks, Bozkurt said. “Our producers come from the Lüneburg Heath and work with super qualities. They are packed in about 500g or 2kg trays, depending on what customers want. The early variety has been especially popular so far.”

When asked about logistics, Bozkurt didn’t see any problems either: “Because of Corona, the shipping company has even become more flexible to some extent.”

Greek asparagus
“This year we sold Greek asparagus in Germany for the first time. The quality was very good, the delivery went flawlessly and our customers were also very happy with the product. Next year we will be able to market even larger quantities.”

The Mab Quality Ltd & Co. team / Photo: Mehmet Bozkurt

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